The History Press, Charleston, South Carolina

Researcher/Writer, December 2014 to November 2016

  • Campustown: A Brief History of the First West Ames, published in November 2016; it covers the Ames college district’s beginnings (1890s) to the present, with an emphasis on the first 60 years
  • Research includes reading city and student newspaper archives, exploring land records, map reading, searching through previously written books, seeking photographs, and interviews with past and current local residents and decesendants of early settlers
  • After sifting through the early years of the Iowa State Daily’s archive, I began a blog for the more obscure as well as generally interesting pieces I’ve found — mostly illustrations
  • After the book was released, I did self promotion, such as held book signings and lectures.

The Ames Tribune, Ames, Iowa (December 2011–March 2015)

News Reporter, February 2013–March 2015

  • Write a variety of general news stories; weather, crime, features, religion, food
  • Attend to some entertainment coverage and editing but in a more limited capacity
  • Work with photographers and digital reporter on packaging for certain projects

Entertainment Reporter/Editor, December 2011–February 2013

  • Oversee the Sunday (arts) and Thursday (nightlife) print entertainment sections that covers local topics such as music, movies, theater, museums, books, arts
  • Editor of the 16-page weekly entertainment publication, Ames Out Loud, in 2012; I oversaw Out Loud’s social media presence and web content
  • Coordinated with a small freelance staff and often a newsroom intern
  • Oversaw large online projects for local summer music festivals and the annual Maximum Ames Music Festival
  • Wrote regular features about the local arts scenes (music, movies, gaming, culture, arts, books)

Iowa State Daily, Ames, Iowa (October 2006–May 2011)

Entertainment Editor, August 2009–May 2010; January–May 2011

  • Launched entertainment site and its brand from scratch
  • Oversaw a staff of 9 and led projects for VEISHEA, Kaleidoquiz and Homecoming
  • Ensured new content about every day; created a blogging staff
  • Put an emphasis on crowdsourcing, networking with the community, and using social platforms
  • Develop a beat system geared toward entertainment and online first

Editor-in-Chief, May–August 2010

  • Oversaw the budget and staff of 40 (9 editors) of the editorial department
  • Worked with advertising, and PR departments in projects and promotions
  • Restructured the workflow and oversaw new content management system that moved the daily operation away from a print focus
  • Headed two print publications a week and content online everyday
  • Headed a redesign of the print edition and rebuilding of the website

Data Editor / Niche Assistant, August–December 2010

  • Learned basics of PHP, CSS and HTML and began work on a database of university salaries and departmental budgets
  • Helped specialty sites (Ames247, AmesEats Flavors, ISD Style) better their content quality and make their online presence stronger
  • Lead discussions about the future of the organization and adapting

Legislative/Political Reporter, January–May 2009

  • Covered the Iowa Legislature and some national political issues by writing 3 to 5 stories per week
  • Most stories related to higher education and funding cuts to the Board of Regents
  • Explored using social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in the reporting

A&E/Lifestyles Editor, May 2007–May 2008; August–December 2008

  • Served as the editor for all arts and entertainment and most lifestyles stories with a predominantly new staff at the beginning of fall semesters
  • Section was usually a page and a half of content per day and larger for AMUSE, the weekly entertainment guide
  • Developed a beat system; taught reporters how to cover a beat and improve writing
  • Worked with online, design, and photo desks on enhancing stories

Features Reporter, November 2006–May 2007

  • Wrote features focused on trends and technology at Iowa State University

The Fresno Bee, Fresno, California (May–August 2009)

Web Intern, May–August 2009

  • Began design and content work on a new entertainment website
  • Learned basics of PHP, CSS and HTML
  • Started a Facebook page and revised the organization’s presence on Twitter
  • Researched many aspects how the Bee can better adapt for more digital-based journalism
  • Encouraged the newsroom staff to be personal on Twitter

The Oskaloosa Herald, Oskaloosa, Iowa (June–August 2008)

News Reporter, June–August 2008

  • Wrote usually one or two stories a week on special interest or features
  • Regularly began to cover the school district and county board of supervisors as summer progressed